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Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

Are Sheepskin Car Seat Covers Worth It? Find Out

Leonard Fowler

Car seat covers are among the most essential accessories you may consider getting for your car. They serve to protect your car's original fabric, enabling it last for years to come without the need for regular repairs. Besides protection, car seat covers have some aesthetic functions as well. Preference plays a major role when it comes to choosing custom fit seat covers, and fortunately for you, there is a range of colours, patterns, designs and even materials from which you can choose. However, among the many options available, sheepskin seat covers are a superior choice because of the plethora of benefits they offer car owners. Here are a few ways that make sheepskin car seat covers a worthy investment.

Sheepskin Covers Are More Comfortable

Comfort is crucial to your driving experience, especially when travelling for long distances. Sheepskin seat covers ensure you remain comfortable throughout your long journeys in a number of ways.

First, sheepskin covers have high insulation properties. This is because of the wool's hollow fibres. When it's cold, the fibres will trap air that will then rise quickly to your body temperature, providing you the warmth you need. Sheepskin also has the ability to absorb high levels of moisture before it becomes wet, enabling it to provide coolness when it's hot outside. This means it can wick away sweat from your body. This helps make your hot summer drives a breeze. This characteristics give sheepskin an edge over other cover materials such as leather, which can become uncomfortably cold or hot when it's freezing or hot outside.

Unlike other fabric car seat covers, sheepskin covers do not give off the uncomfortable charge of static electricity produced by the friction between your body and your car seat. This is made possible because sheepskin is a partial insulator of that electrical energy.

Sheepskin Covers Are Easy To Clean

Sheepskin car seat covers tend to be partially self-cleaning because of the lanolin present in natural sheepskin. You can simply hang your sheepskin in fresh air after cleaning because the wool fibres tend to shed dirt on their own. Besides, natural sheepskin is usually resistant to dirt and bacteria. It also easy to spot any spills, which you can clean up with basic dishwashing detergents. Once clean, your sheepskin seat covers will retain their lustre for years down the line.

When choosing sheepskin covers, remember that the greater the fibre length and density, the higher the degree of performance.


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