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Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

A Few Important Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Upholstery for Your Car

Leonard Fowler

Custom upholstery for your car can keep you comfortable during long commutes, and can even help with sore muscles, irritated skin, and other discomforts that you might feel when driving. More durable upholstery than provided by the manufacturer can mean less cleaning and less risk of showing stains, and less risk of unravelling or becoming worn over time. Custom upholstery can also just make your car's interior look good! When you're ready to choose custom upholstery for your car, note a few tips to keep in mind so you know you get the right choice.

Know the lingo

Cold crack rate tells you the temperature at which the material begins to crack. If you're considering leather or vinyl, be sure you check the cold crack rate and especially if you live in a very cold climate. A better crack rate will mean less peeling of vinyl or cracks and other marks in leather.

Rub rate refers to how many times you can rub the fabric before it wears out. If you only drive your car back and forth to work, you don't need to invest in a very good rub rate, but for delivery vehicles, parents who are always driving their kids around town, and other drivers who are always getting in and out of the car, you need a better rub rate.

UV protection tells you how well the fabric or leather holds up against direct sunlight. This is very important in tropical or warmer areas, and for those who keep their car parked outside in direct sunlight every day.


Leather is very soft but somewhat firm, so you may not feel as if you sink down into the fabric. This can actually be good, as it means more support for your joints and back. However, leather does hold heat and cold more than other materials, so it's not good for areas with extreme temperatures, and some people may prefer a more ethical choice than leather.

Sheepskin doesn't hold heat and cold as much as leather and is very soft and plush. However, it does hold moisture, so it's not always good for long drives in hot weather, as it can keep sweat stuck to your backside and legs. As with leather, it's also not the most ethical choice of fabrics.

For those who prefer materials not made from animal skins, vinyl is a good alternative to leather. You can keep it soft and supple with a good oil rub. Wool seat covers can also keep you warmer in wintertime, or you might opt for artificial sheepskin, which isn't as comfortable as real sheepskin but isn't made from real animal skins.


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