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Five Tips for Hauling Camper Trailers in Strong Winds

Leonard Fowler

Driving a camper trailer is a lot more involved than just driving a small vehicle. and if road conditions are tough, it gets even harder to navigate your camper trailer. In particular, wind can affect these trailers. If you have a camper, here are some tips to help you in strong winds.

1. Plan Some Flexibility in Your Holiday

To be on the safe side, you may want to inject some flexibility into your holiday. Campers tend to use lightweight materials compared to many vehicles, and they are not engineered to withstand crashes that well. Because of that, you may want to play it safe and delay your journey for a day or two as needed if the wind is really howling.

2. Take It Slow and Steady

If you have to travel, make sure that you always keep a slow and steady pace in the wind. The faster you go, the more unstable you will be. Instead, go slowly and don't be afraid to pull over and let other drivers pass you so that you can maintain your slow speed.

3. Consider Adding a Wind Deflector

The more aerodynamic your vehicle is, the easier it will be for you to move through the wind. In most cases, vehicles as well as campers are designed with aerodynamics in mind. However, that doesn't necessarily mean your two vehicles are working together.

In particular, if your camper trailer is taller than your ute or whatever you are using to haul the trailer, you may face some unneeded wind resistance. To stop this, you may want to add a wind deflector. This attaches to the top of your cab, and it makes a ramp for the wind that runs between the top of your ute and the top of your trailer. You can push these down as needed when not in use.

4. Know What to Expect

When driving, you should know when to expect big gusts of wind. Basically, any time you move from next to a sheltered area to an open area, that increases the amount of wind that is going to hit you. For instance, if you go from driving next to a line of trees to driving next to an open field, you will feel the wind more strongly in the second situation. You may want to slow down in these areas and grip the wheel a bit more tightly.

5. Park Directly into the Wind

Unfortunately, driving isn't the only battle. The wind can also affect your vehicle and camper trailer when it is stopped. To prevent this from happening, park your rig directly into the wind. That reduces the chance of the wind broadsiding you and tipping over the camper. Instead, the wind should run over your vehicles.

If you're looking to buy camper trailers, keep these driving tips in mind as you consider different models and hauling options.


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