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Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

Bull Bars Improve the Safety of Your Vehicle

Leonard Fowler

A bull bar is an incredibly useful automobile accessory, and one you should consider installing in your vehicle. In case you haven't heard of them, they are the metal frame that is present at the front of many heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. You can also spot them on the front of police cars. Bull bars were originally designed to prevent damage to a vehicle as a result of a collision with farm animals.

In many rural areas across Australia, animals tend to wander off onto the road and cause collisions with oncoming vehicles. As a result, bull bars were designed to provide added protection to motorists. In areas where kangaroos are common, a bull bar is often referred to as a roo bar, due to the defense it provides against kangaroo collisions.

Uses of Bull bars

Bull bars are now used in many different applications across various industries. These include:

Police Vehicles

A bull bar is a useful accessory used in police vehicles for various purposes. Equipped on the front bumper, a bull bar can nudge damaged vehicles off the road to allow for the flow of traffic. It can also be used during a high-speed chase to prevent a suspected criminal from escaping by nudging the rear of the escaping vehicle.

A bull bar can also be used to batter down fences and other simple structures when the need arises.

Vehicle spotlights

A bull bar is an excellent surface for mounting a spot light or an antenna. The metal frame of the bar can boost the signal of a radio antenna while the car is operating. Installing lights on bull bars can also improve visibility in dark areas.

An additional safety layer

Bull bars were initially built to simply protect the front end of the car from collisions. Newer bull bar models are now designed to integrate with the rest of the vehicle safety features in order to provide added impact absorption.

This means that when the vehicle collides with an object, the bull bar can spread the force of impact across the vehicle and trigger the release of air bags. The bull bar can also act as a spring, deflecting force outwards during a collision.

Aesthetic appeal

Bull bars are commonly used to make your vehicle look more attractive. They can be designed in unique shapes and sizes, and with additional accessories such as lights that boost their aesthetic appeal.


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