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3 Ways to Improve Your Results of Auto Pipe Bending

Leonard Fowler

Taking on DIY auto repairs and remodeling means learning different techniques to bring the car back to its original glory. One of the tasks that you may take on is pipe bending for the various auto accessories. If you are not happy with the results, then there are some ways to improve your end results on your pipe bending projects. Here are three of those methods.

Welding Techniques 

One of the first things that may be affecting your pipe bending results is your welding technique. If your seams are noticeable, then this could be lending to your issues. Remember that welding seams in your pipe bending should be seamless. What this means is that you should not be able to see the seams at first glance. In fact, unless you were the one who did the welding, you should not notice the seams at all. If the seam is noticeable to the eye or if you can feel the seam when you run your hand along metal, then this may be your issue.

Mandrel Issues

Choosing the right mandrel is key to any pipe bending job. If you choose the wrong one then you could be causing harm to the metal. You need to choose the mandrel based on the metal you will be using. One option that may work for you if you use various metals is an expandable mandrel. These are made to expand to various sizes as needed and allow you to customize the right size for your pipe bending needs. If you only use a specific type of metal and pipe bending style, then you need a mandrel specifically for that metal and size type.

Clamping Techniques

You need to make sure that the clamp you are using is right for the job. If the clamp is too small then it will not provide an even area of pressure to the pipe material. This means that during the bending process the clamp will put out too much pressure trying to keep the metal stable. This can weaken the material causing issues with final product results. Make sure the clamp is the right size and offers the right pressure for your pipe material and bending process. You can do this through trial and error on a few pieces of scrap metal.

By practicing these three methods to help improve your auto pipe bending results, you can enhance the quality of your car project. Keep in mind that your tools and the metal you use also play into the results you will receive.


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