Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

How to Transport Your Surfboards Carefully

Leonard Fowler

If you ask somebody from a foreign land to describe Australia, they may paint a picture of sandy beaches, rolling waves and a blonde-haired surfer catching a tube ride. You may want to become one of those stereotypes yourself and have decided to take up surfing, so to get ready, you may be in the process of buying all your kit. Don't forget, you will need a way to transport your gear down to the bay and will need to add a roof rack to your current set of wheels. How do you make sure that this is not just functional, but safe?

Sensible Loading

Begin by looking at the numbers so that you don't overload your vehicle at any time. You will need to weigh everything accurately before you start to add anything to the roof, and much of this information will be found within your vehicle handbook. Always make sure that the weight of the roof rack and anything attached to it is below your maximum permitted roof load.

Even though you may have quite a bit of capacity, you should put anything particularly heavy in the boot instead. Just because it could go up there doesn't mean that it has to, especially if it makes it easier for you to manoeuvre the car at speed. Just remember, your vehicle will also have a maximum axle weight, and you will need to take into account how many passengers you have on your surfing trip.

Dealing with the Rack

A roof rack must be fitted very carefully to make sure that it stays in place and to avoid the risk of damage to your car. As it will likely stay in place over time, make sure that it is protected from rust, especially around the mounting points. Cover these with grease from time to time to avoid corrosion.

Attach Carefully

Be particularly careful when you attach your surfboards. Due to their inherent design, they could be lifted up by the airflow over your car at speed. Take some guidance from surfing experts as you plan your load and make sure that you secure everything very carefully to the front and back before you depart.

Regular Checks

If that beach is a long way away, get into the habit of stopping at half distance to check that all of the fixings, ties and ropes are still in their place. Imagine how disappointing it would be to arrive at the beach, only to discover that your surfboards are mysteriously missing!


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