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Issues You May Have With Mufflers and What to Know About Each One

Leonard Fowler

There are several problems that can occur with your car. Some of those issues can be easy to detect, while others may take a little more troubleshooting. One such area is your car muffler. Here are some issues you may have with your muffler and what you need to know about each issue. 

Drop in MPG

MPG refers to your miles per gallon. Each car has a certain amount of miles the vehicle can travel on one gallon of fuel. This amount changes slightly depending on if you are driving on the highway or in town. If you start to notice that you are not getting as many miles per gallon of fuel and the amount continues to decrease, it could be an issue in your muffler system. If there is a leak in the system or if the muffler has recently been replaced with a smaller option, you could experience a significant loss of miles per gallon. 

Noise Issues

One of the leading issues many people notice with their mufflers is noise. If you begin noticing a loud knocking or banging noise, there is likely an issue with the muffler system. This issue could be due to a broken or loose baffle. The baffles in the muffler are there to help reduce the noise you hear when your car is running. Holes in the muffler or rusted-out areas can cause the issue with muffler noise as well. To troubleshoot this option, make sure you use a flashlight and check the muffler area for any obvious issues. If you don't see any issues and still hear a noise, it may be internal baffles or other issues you can not see. 

Water Spots

When you drive away from your driveway or from a parking spot, you may notice water spots. These spots may be small or can be large as if you were parked over a rain puddle. If you notice these water spots each time you drive away from a location, the problem could be with your muffler system. This sign of water can point to an issue with holes in the muffler or smaller areas where rust is causing leaking and condensation build-up. 

If you believe you are having any of these issues, contact your mechanic immediately. They can schedule a time for you to bring in your car for inspection. If it is a muffler issue, they can begin to diagnose the problem and give you options for repairs and replacement if necessary. They can also answer other questions you may have regarding the pricing of the repairs and length of time for each repair. 


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