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Four Fundamental Precautions for Acquiring a New Plant Trailer

Leonard Fowler

Plant trailers are designed to improve the efficiency of equipment haulage in commercial, industrial and agricultural worksites. Therefore, if you are involved in the transportation of heavy equipment like forklifts for your operations, you should think about investing in this type of unit. The trailer will give you more flexibility in handling your loads, ensuring expediency. Moreover, you will reduce your long-term transportation costs. If you are unfamiliar with plant trailers, consider these basic guidelines for better selection.

Understand Structural Materials

The construction of a plant trailer is the most important factor for choosing the best unit. You should remember that the trailer will be used to haul heavy equipment. Therefore, if the structure is not resilient, there might be premature degradation. In general, plant trailers are built using resilient metals, primarily steel or aluminium.

Aluminium is favoured because of its resistance to corrosion in hostile conditions. It is also tough enough for general haulage applications. However, if you are looking for a heavy-duty trailer, you should opt for steel. This metal is stronger and more durable, so it will provide long service as long as the surfaces are galvanised.

Check for Good Securing Points

The flat configuration of the plant trailer can be a limiting factor. In general, plant trailers are designed as flat beds without high side panels because this will allow for the accommodation of diverse pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, this also means that each load must be secured properly during haulage. Therefore, when choosing your trailer, you should ensure that there are tough securing points in appropriate positions for optimal protection of your loads.

Consider the Brakes Problem

The right braking system is essential for a plant trailer towing rig. Typically, a separate braking system is not required for simple lightweight trailers intended for hauling small loads. However, a plant trailer will be extremely heavy once your equipment is loaded. If you do not have brakes for your trailer, you will strain and damage your towing vehicle. Moreover, your overall stopping time and efficiency will be compromised. So, inquire about the available trailer brakes from your supplier.

Look for Suitable Accessories

Finally, it is worthwhile to look for good accessories to improve the performance of your plant trailer and ensure personal convenience. For instance, you should determine the best loading method for your cargo. The standard choice is a ramp on which you can drive the equipment you plan to transport. However, you can also invest in a loading mechanism with hydraulic elements for improved speed and safety. 

Contact a company that sells plant trailers to learn more.


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