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3 Must-Know Tips for Reinstalling Moulded Car Carpets

Leonard Fowler

For car enthusiasts, nothing smells better than the interior of a brand-new vehicle. However, the fresh scent does not last forever if you think about all the mud, water, and spills that eventually end up on your car's carpet. Before long, your new car's interior begins to smell funny, and no amount of vacuuming or air freshener can help. Over time, the "new car" smell ultimately fades away unless you remove the carpeting entirely and give it a thorough wash. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to reinstall moulded car carpets after cleaning them. Here are tips for reinstalling moulded car carpets.

Leave the Carpet in Sunny Location -- When you wash car carpets, the drying process can stiffen them, making it difficult to mould them around the floor contours of your vehicle. Despite this, many car owners take their carpets out of the sun immediately after washing them. Once the carpets are dry, car owners try reinstalling them immediately. However, you are likely to struggle to fit the carpet by adopting this strategy. The best approach is to leave a carpet in the sun longer so that it becomes more flexible from the heat. If you notice any wrinkled sections on the carpet, you can place a heavy object on it for straightening. Remove your auto carpet from the sun once you feel it is flexible enough.

Use a Heat Gun -- You might still struggle to fit a flexible moulded carpet in your car after cleaning it. This is especially the case around corners due to contours. Some people use a stick with rounded ends to push a carpet into the corners for a better fit. However, this requires a lot of effort, which is the reason why some auto shops opt for a heat gun. Aim the heat gun relatively close to the carpet and press it around stubborn contours as you go along. Remember to allow enough time for your moulded carpet to cool adequately before reinstalling car seats; otherwise, you risk damaging it.

Work From the Inside Out -- It is easy to start laying down a moulded carpet from the edges, such as near the doors. That is the most logical approach for most car owners since the edges make an excellent reference point for a carpet's fit, until you realise that working from the outside in leaves you with the bulk of the material at the centre of a vehicle, which can be difficult to align. Therefore, it is best to lay a moulded carpet from the inside out. This gives you enough room to work on both sides of the car's floor, which enhances convenience and allows you to work faster.


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