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Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Plant Trailer

Leonard Fowler

Plant trailers are indispensable when it comes to hauling massive loads. They are perfect for moving heavy-duty equipment like excavators and farm equipment. However, given the many different transportation needs, plant trailers are often configured differently to suit diverse needs. They come in different types, sizes, and models. Therefore, if you are in the market for one, you will need to consider some factors to find one that best suits your needs. With that in mind, here are some of the essential considerations you need to make when selecting a plant trailer.

Identify Your Load Needs

Plant trailers come with different load capacities. Knowing what your specific load needs is the first step to getting the perfect one for your needs. Therefore, start by identifying the size, shape, and maximum weight of your heaviest load. Generally, it's best to go for a plant trailer whose load capacity is slightly higher than what you think you will need. By doing so, you can be assured that the trailer will support the weight of the load.

Know the Trailer's Aggregate Mass

The trailer's aggregate mass is another significant component to consider. It refers to the trailer's overall mass when loaded fully. This will come in handy when deciding whether the trailer is the perfect fit for your equipment. It would help if you had a plant trailer whose aggregate mass is not heavier than the maximum weight your equipment or tow vehicle can handle.

Consider the Trailer Dimensions

Trailer dimensions will also come in handy during your selection. The dimensions of your plant trailer will determine how easy it will be to manoeuvre it. Generally, the correct dimension will be dependent on where you intend to use your plant trailer. Therefore, look at the entrance, exit, and path sizes of the areas you intend to use the trailer.

Think About the Braking System

Plant trailers come with different braking systems too. Knowing the various braking systems available will help you understand the ideal one for your tow vehicle or equipment. You can choose from electric or mechanical braking systems. Generally, the perfect plant trailer braking system stops the trailer when you need it to. Electric braking systems tend to be more efficient as they allow your trailer to stop or slow down when you step on the brakes. However, mechanical braking systems come in handy during emergencies when you need a system to override the primary braking system.


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