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Three Types of High-Quality Car Tweeters

Leonard Fowler

Research shows that Australians spend an average of 48 minutes daily commuting to and from work, which translates to 216 hours a year. If you are going to spend this much time in your car, you might as well enjoy it. Car audio systems make it possible because you get to listen to your favourite jams, podcast or radio show while stuck in peak-hours traffic. However, the sound quality coming from your car's audio system partly depends on how you accessorise the system. Tweeters are an excellent accessory that you can add to your car's sound system to enjoy crisp, high-frequency sounds. Notably, there are different types of tweeters in the market to choose from, and this article highlights some of the best models.

Super Tweeters 

The first type of tweeters you should consider spending your hard-earned cash on are super tweeters. As their name suggests, it is clear that super tweeters are a unique type since they are designed to offer more power than standard models. Super tweeters produce ultra-high frequencies for a more realistic sound, an experience that car audio experts characterise as airy. Super tweeters also enhance a sound system's density and detail, which is why they are used in high-fidelity speakers. Super tweeters are capable of producing high pitches because they respond excellently to ultrasonic frequencies. Therefore, look no further than super tweeters if you long for quality, crisp and high-frequency sounds.

Ribbon Tweeters 

Another type of tweeters you should look into are ribbon tweeters. They feature a thin flat diaphragm made of aluminium foil or metallised polymer film. Notably, ribbon tweeters are considered special thanks to their ultra-fast transient response, which allows them to produce sound with detailed resolution. Therefore, if detail resolution and sound delicacy are vital to you, then ribbon tweeters are the perfect addition to your car's audio system. Moreover, ribbon tweeters are incredibly light since they lack intrinsic structural stiffness. Therefore, it means they vibrate evenly and move in response to the surrounding magnet system, preventing structural breakup resonances. The best part is that ribbon tweeters promote horizontal sound dispersion, providing listeners with a wider sweet spot.

Plasma/Ion Tweeters 

As their name suggests, plasma or ion tweeters are driven by electrically-charged ionised gas. The operation mechanism makes plasma tweeters arguably the most complex model. Moreover, their operation and construction make ion tweeters exceptionally light, translating to a very low moving mass. The properties make plasma tweeters highly responsive. Ion tweeters are also relatively cheap and affordable to the average motorist who wants quality and high pitch sounds from their audio system.

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