Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

  • A Few Important Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Upholstery for Your Car

    Custom upholstery for your car can keep you comfortable during long commutes, and can even help with sore muscles, irritated skin, and other discomforts that you might feel when driving. More durable upholstery than provided by the manufacturer can mean less cleaning and less risk of showing stains, and less risk of unravelling or becoming worn over time. Custom upholstery can also just make your car's interior look good! When you're ready to choose custom upholstery for your car, note a few tips to keep in mind so you know you get the right choice.

  • Are Sheepskin Car Seat Covers Worth It? Find Out

    Car seat covers are among the most essential accessories you may consider getting for your car. They serve to protect your car's original fabric, enabling it last for years to come without the need for regular repairs. Besides protection, car seat covers have some aesthetic functions as well. Preference plays a major role when it comes to choosing custom fit seat covers, and fortunately for you, there is a range of colours, patterns, designs and even materials from which you can choose.

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Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

Hello, my name is Tina and I live in Syndey, Australia. I have always loved cars. The one thing I love more than driving my car up and down the streets and highways of the city is to spend time accessorising them. A lot of cars look very similar when they first roll off the lot, but by buying some sheepskin seat covers, a fluffy dice for the rear view mirror and some decal stickers you can make even the most boring looking car look exciting. I decided to start this blog to advise others who want to add things to their cars.